Lower back pain – it might be your butt


IMPORTANT: I am not a doctor! This post details information about an injury I had and how I worked through it.  If you feel hurt you should go and see your doctor.

One of the things you become accustomed to as a crossfitter is pain, at some point if you take a few days off you will wake up and it will feel weird when you move and there isn’t any pain or soreness.

For me I’ve been relatively injury free during my four years of crossfitting, the main problem I had was lower back pain (or so I thought). It started one class when the Firebreather deadlift weight was posted at 255lbs, I knew I could easily lift 225lbs so what was an extra 30lbs right – I was naive. I struggled through the WOD deadlift after deadlift, feeling my back get tighter and tighter but adrenaline and stupidity kept me going. As soon as I finished working out and cooled down a bit I could hardly stand up, a shooting pain went through my lower back, I took two weeks off with complete rest, at which point I felt pretty good, not being able to stay away from the gym I jumped into a WOD and instantly regretted it, the shooting pain returned and I had to give up mid way through the WOD.

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