Dmitry Klokov – 425lbs snatch with a pause at the knee, crazy


Dmitry Klokov is a Russian weighlifter, who is known for his crazy strength. I just saw a Hookgrip video showing him performing several snatches at a weightlifting seminar, and it is probably one of the most amazing weightlifting videos I have seen. He snatches 425lbs, with a pause at the knee! Most strong people can’t even deadlift that weight let alone snatch it and hold it in a pause for several seconds at the knee, that just blows my mind. Check out the awesome slow motion version of the 425lbs lift at the end of the video.

Front Squat Technique with Mark Rippetoe


Mark Rippetoe explains proper form for the front squat and details how it differs from a back squat.  If you are not sure who Mark Rippetoe is, he is a well respected author and strength training coach, he has a great book called “Starting Strength” you should read, a description is in our book section.

This is one of our favorite bar bell movements and actually forms a lot of the other movements like thrusters and other movements that involves a squat. Part of what we normally do is to going to the gym and doing the movements and yet it is always great to come back to the basics – Front squat technique with Mark Rippetoe is an easy way to catch ourselves on what we can improve on!

Interesting and Informative Crossfit and Weightlifting YouTube channels


I recently came across two new channels that I’m really liking, that provide a lot of interesting commentary around crossfit and weightlifting.

The first is Barbell Shrugged: which is a channel about Crossfit.  It’s basically three guys sitting around talking about different aspects of crossfit, training, diet, how to setup a gym, interviews with athletes like Rich Froning, it’s a really great resource and really enjoyable to watch.  Here is one video with the man himself Rich Froning, shot a few weeks before the 2013 Crossfit Games:

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