Muscle up for women – strength building


I got my first muscle up on a Saturday – did 5 in a row and then proceed to lose it for the next several months. It was one of the most frustrating time in the gym for me and as much as my coaches had prepared me for it, I was still incredibly fixated on the fact that I am not getting any more muscle up and it kills me to accept it.

The fact is -> DO NOT GIVE UP!

During the next several months, I continued to swing on the rings as I had been doing but my transition seems to be at its weakest. My coach was really quite the most patient human being on earth – he said to me, until you push your head through the rings, you will not catch the ring dip properly. Look at your toes, look at your toes! This was the cue that I repeat in my mind as I do ever kip and swing.

What did I do in the weeks that followed?

Build it up more with the following:

  1. Strict pull up – 5-6 – minute on the minute for 10 minutes
  2. Strict ring rows with feet on 20-24″ box. There is a difference between ring muscle up and bar muscle up. The positioning of the hands are different. Doing strict ring rowss will improve your strength to be able to pull yourself up the rings. Pull yourself up to the rings, and let the rings touch the chest, and then try to get it to as low to the side of your chest as possible. Do 5 ring rows minute on the minute for 10 minutes.
  3. Strict ring dips – Do 3 ring dips minute on the minute for 10 minutes- as deep as possible.
  4. Jumping Muscle up transition – position the rings just higher than the armpits and practice the transition with as much aggression as possible -> if transition is what you need to work on.

Other than that, BE PATIENT! It will come back.

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