DIY Home Gym – Cheap Flooring


If you are building a home gym and are going to be doing exercises like pushups, burpees where you are getting close to the floor or you are dropping weights, you will want to have some protection on the floor to help absorb some of the noise and protect the floor from weights being dropped on it.

Gym flooring can be expensive, as an alternative after reading about this on the web, I went to a Tractor Supply store and picked up a bunch of 4’x6′ agricultural mats, these are generally used in horse stables, but the are super sturdy 3/4″ thick and only run about $40 each, a bargain compared to other options.


4’x6′ 3/4″ Flooring mat

These mats are perfect, they are thick and strong, the only downside is that they weight about 100lbs a piece, so you might need some help moving them. We actually managed to comfortably fit 6 mats in to our SUV no problem.

Before putting the matting down, make sure you sweep the floor and get rid of any dust. We actually got a mop and washed to floor down to remove as much dust as we could. I’m actually planning on painting the floor at some point but first I need to get rid of the remaining junk in there 🙂

Cleaning the garage

Cleaning the garage

Once the floor is ready, simply position the mats in place.  One side is soft and the other was rough, at least on the mats I bought, so obviously make sure you put the smooth side up. It only took us a few minutes to get the mats in to place.


Installed DIY Home Gym Flooring

I didn’t do the whole length of the garage, It’s actually larger than it looks in the above photo, but there is comfortably enough room on the mats for two people to be doing double unders and have a squat rack. In our case this will be towards the garage door, since the garage door opener is too low to do double unders.


Quick Double Under test

That’s pretty much it, pretty simple.  The trickiest bit was cutting around the door area, but the mats are soft enough to be able to do this quickly with a Stanley knife. I was going to put some kind of tacking around the edge to keep them in place, but after jumping on them and moving around for a bit they actually hadn’t moved at all so I am not sure it is necessary. If they do start to move around then I will put a strip of wood around the edge to keep them in place. Here is a shot of the final install with those DIY Plyo Boxes we made earlier.


Sweet DIY Plyo boxes in their new home

Some more shots of the mats, as you can see they are really smooth and clean, much nicer to jump down on when performing a burpee of pushup than a concrete floor. I’m guessing in the winter these will be a lot warmer too than touching a concrete floor.
IMG_3721 IMG_3723

Next, we just need a pullup bar and some weights and we will be in business. I’ll keep you posted.

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