DIY Home Gym – Cheap Flooring


If you are building a home gym and are going to be doing exercises like pushups, burpees where you are getting close to the floor or you are dropping weights, you will want to have some protection on the floor to help absorb some of the noise and protect the floor from weights being dropped on it.

Gym flooring can be expensive, as an alternative after reading about this on the web, I went to a Tractor Supply store and picked up a bunch of 4’x6′ agricultural mats, these are generally used in horse stables, but the are super sturdy 3/4″ thick and only run about $40 each, a bargain compared to other options.


4’x6′ 3/4″ Flooring mat

DIY Home Gym – Crossfit plyometric boxes


The plain old box is a versatile tool in your home gym. You can use it for box jumps, but it can also be used for weighted step ups, reverse rows and a multitude of other movements. I initially looked on the Rogue Fitness website to buy two boxes, but at $125 a pop for a flat pack box which still require assembly (plus tax + shipping), this definitely seemed like something I could make myself at home to save a few dollars.


diy home gym crossfit plyo boxes

diy home gym crossfit plyo boxes

Culbreth Hero WOD


Culbreth Hero WOD

For time:

OK1 double unders 
1 Thruster (65lbs / 45lbs)
2 double unders 
2 Thruster (65lbs / 45lbs) 
Continue doing this until you reach 20 of each movement.  
At 5, do 5 burpees.
At 10, do 10 burpees.
At 15, do 15 burpees.
At 20, do 20 burpees.

In memory of Sgt. Justin E. Culbreth. He joined the Army in 2004 and arrived at Fort Campbell in 2009, according to a Fort Campbell news release. He has since received numerous commendations, including the Purple Heart Medal and medals for service in Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea. “He had his mind set on (the Army),” Walter Culbreth said. “He wanted to serve his country.” Justin was stationed at Fort Carson a few years ago and met his wife, Kimberly here in Colorado, said his father, Walter Culbreth, of Wentzville, Mo.  Justin E. Culbreth originally lived in Wentzville, Missouri prior to joining the United States Army. Sgt. Justin E. Culbreth, 26, born 18 May 1984 completed his last mission 17 November 2010 when insurgents attacked his unit using an improved explosive device.  The attack happened at Panjway district in Afghanistan.  Sgt. Culbreth was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

This is a tough workout taking me 34:18 minutes, the mental agony while doing this work out is crazy. I say this because when you are at round 10, you have just done 55 of 210 thrusters. You are just heading into the bigger sets which is not even half of all the reps. Luckily when I first did this, I was not even thinking about that. Burpees were deceptive. They should not hurt, but they did.

  • Pros of this workout – Simple movement and basic that everyone can do.
  • Cons of this work out – 210 of any barbell movement – especially thrusters, you definitely get sore the next day – Lactic acid burn. it hurts!

I also did this work out starting from 20 in reversal. Reversing this workout does help mentally, however, I am not sure if I am actually any faster…..This took me about 35:48 minutes. Surprising to me, when I did it the reverse, my shoulders were actually tired earlier – I wonder if it is because the bigger sets were done sooner?

Dmitry Klokov – 425lbs snatch with a pause at the knee, crazy


Dmitry Klokov is a Russian weighlifter, who is known for his crazy strength. I just saw a Hookgrip video showing him performing several snatches at a weightlifting seminar, and it is probably one of the most amazing weightlifting videos I have seen. He snatches 425lbs, with a pause at the knee! Most strong people can’t even deadlift that weight let alone snatch it and hold it in a pause for several seconds at the knee, that just blows my mind. Check out the awesome slow motion version of the 425lbs lift at the end of the video.

Sam Briggs – 4 on 1, Isabel, Fran, Grace, Diane


We previously posted about Dan Bailey performing a WOD that was him against four other people, completing four benchmark workouts in a row, with no break (freak of nature). Crossfit released another video, this time it’s Sam Briggs who performs Isabel (Snatch 30 reps, 135#), Fran (21-15-9 thrusters 95#, pull-ups), Grace (C+J, 135#, 30 reps), Diane (Deadlift 225#, HSPU) in a row against people from Crossfit HQ. The format is a little different from the Dan Bailey video, in that each WOD starts at a certain offset, instead of just being a running clock.

Being the 2013 Crossfit champion, Sam Briggs doesn’t disappoint, there is even a bit of a bonus  surprise at the end of the video. She definitely has one if not the biggest engine in Crossfit right now, excited to see her in the 2015 Open and hopefully this time at the 2015 games where she can challenge for the title again (I’m sure she has been working on her handstand walk, which really cost her a place in the 2014 games finals).

Lower back pain – it might be your butt


IMPORTANT: I am not a doctor! This post details information about an injury I had and how I worked through it.  If you feel hurt you should go and see your doctor.

One of the things you become accustomed to as a crossfitter is pain, at some point if you take a few days off you will wake up and it will feel weird when you move and there isn’t any pain or soreness.

For me I’ve been relatively injury free during my four years of crossfitting, the main problem I had was lower back pain (or so I thought). It started one class when the Firebreather deadlift weight was posted at 255lbs, I knew I could easily lift 225lbs so what was an extra 30lbs right – I was naive. I struggled through the WOD deadlift after deadlift, feeling my back get tighter and tighter but adrenaline and stupidity kept me going. As soon as I finished working out and cooled down a bit I could hardly stand up, a shooting pain went through my lower back, I took two weeks off with complete rest, at which point I felt pretty good, not being able to stay away from the gym I jumped into a WOD and instantly regretted it, the shooting pain returned and I had to give up mid way through the WOD.

Crossfit – how far we’ve come


With the upcoming 2015 Crossfit Games just around the corner, I went down memory lane and watched a video for the 2009 Crossfit Games Mens Max Snatch and it blew my mind just how far the games athletes have progressed in a few short years.  If you watch the video you can see some of the games finalist struggling to snatch 155 lbs, 165 lbs, heck I can snatch as much as some of them. The last place finisher hit 145 lbs, just under 50% of the field didn’t even get over 200 lbs.  Just watching the awful technique of the athletes was painful too, most were pseudo power snatching vs. a full squat snatch due to limited technique. Now if you compare that to athletes in last years games it’s impressive to see both in terms of strength and technique what is now required of an athlete in the games.  The average snatch of a male Crossfit athlete in the 2014 Crossfit games final was 270 lbs!

Not just for snatches but across the board, compared to 2009 Crossfit has come an awfully long way in such a short time, we are now seeing an influx of professional gymnasts and weightlifters who have started dabbling in the sport and are making big moves. As Crossfit’s reputation grows and the prize money increases, more and more elite athletes will enter the sport pushing the bar even higher, I can’t wait to see what people are doing in the next five years, when I will write a post about how awful the 2014 games athletes look compared to the 2019 athletes 🙂

Here’s the video, the actual max snatch competition starts at 10 minutes in, so you can jump to that if you want to skip past all the pre-event interviews.

Interesting and Informative Crossfit and Weightlifting YouTube channels


I recently came across two new channels that I’m really liking, that provide a lot of interesting commentary around crossfit and weightlifting.

The first is Barbell Shrugged: which is a channel about Crossfit.  It’s basically three guys sitting around talking about different aspects of crossfit, training, diet, how to setup a gym, interviews with athletes like Rich Froning, it’s a really great resource and really enjoyable to watch.  Here is one video with the man himself Rich Froning, shot a few weeks before the 2013 Crossfit Games:

Preventing rips during pullups – taping hands for pull ups


After the first or second time of your hands ripping during a pull-up (or toes to bar, knees to elbow) intensive WOD and the novelty of posting the hand badges of honur to your Facebook timeline (come on you know you did that) has worn off, proper hand prevention is a must.

The video below is probably the best video I have found on how to make a “tape angel” as people at my gym call them, basically tape wraps that go around your finger to protect the area at the base of your finger and palm of your hand which is the area most susceptible  to ripping.  The video is only two minutes long but covers everything you need to know about how to make these little pieces of hand care heaven.

NOTE: You don’t have to throw the tape away after every workout, they should last for several uses, just the bit of tape your wrap around your wrists will be throw away.

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