Culbreth Hero WOD


Culbreth Hero WOD

For time:

OK1 double unders 
1 Thruster (65lbs / 45lbs)
2 double unders 
2 Thruster (65lbs / 45lbs) 
Continue doing this until you reach 20 of each movement.  
At 5, do 5 burpees.
At 10, do 10 burpees.
At 15, do 15 burpees.
At 20, do 20 burpees.

In memory of Sgt. Justin E. Culbreth. He joined the Army in 2004 and arrived at Fort Campbell in 2009, according to a Fort Campbell news release. He has since received numerous commendations, including the Purple Heart Medal and medals for service in Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea. “He had his mind set on (the Army),” Walter Culbreth said. “He wanted to serve his country.” Justin was stationed at Fort Carson a few years ago and met his wife, Kimberly here in Colorado, said his father, Walter Culbreth, of Wentzville, Mo.  Justin E. Culbreth originally lived in Wentzville, Missouri prior to joining the United States Army. Sgt. Justin E. Culbreth, 26, born 18 May 1984 completed his last mission 17 November 2010 when insurgents attacked his unit using an improved explosive device.  The attack happened at Panjway district in Afghanistan.  Sgt. Culbreth was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

This is a tough workout taking me 34:18 minutes, the mental agony while doing this work out is crazy. I say this because when you are at round 10, you have just done 55 of 210 thrusters. You are just heading into the bigger sets which is not even half of all the reps. Luckily when I first did this, I was not even thinking about that. Burpees were deceptive. They should not hurt, but they did.

  • Pros of this workout – Simple movement and basic that everyone can do.
  • Cons of this work out – 210 of any barbell movement – especially thrusters, you definitely get sore the next day – Lactic acid burn. it hurts!

I also did this work out starting from 20 in reversal. Reversing this workout does help mentally, however, I am not sure if I am actually any faster…..This took me about 35:48 minutes. Surprising to me, when I did it the reverse, my shoulders were actually tired earlier – I wonder if it is because the bigger sets were done sooner?

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