Food / Supplements

This page lists the food and supplements that we buy. Disclaimer: The links below are Amazon affiliate links, if you click on a link and buy the product we will receive a small amount of income.

Go Raw Cookies

Paleo vegan gluten free tarts with many different great flavors

Justin’s Almond Butter

Easy on the go nut butter packs that are tasty and definitely paleo. Try them with apples, bananas, pears or simply plain!

All Hail Merry Tarts

Paleo vegan gluten free cookies of many different great flavors for the perfect dessert. Enjoy on its own or with a cup of tea / coffee or even better add a scope or two of coconut ice cream in the summer for that perfect pairing!

PureWraps Coconut Wraps

Paleo coconut wraps that are simple, easy and tasty.  We like them because they have a mild taste that does not overpower the food you put on them, plus they have a great texture, more like a sandwich.  Great for putting some roast beef inside and rolling up.

Simple Squares

Snack bars that are natural and paleo!

Steve’s PaleoGoods

Tasty convenient snacks on the go, Paleo jerky, paleo beef sticks, paleo granola crunch and many other easy ready to use goods to fit the paleo lifestyle.

Two Moms in the Raw

Paleo vegan gluten free dairy free nut bars for the run!


Biochem Ultimate 100% Whey Protein, Natural

This is my favorite protein powder. It’s low in sugar and because of the natural taste, you can mix it in to other drinks and not affect the flavor at all, unlike other sweeter protein powders that you have to drink on their own, you can easily add this protein power to food or smoothies.

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