Kitchen Tools

This page lists some of the hardware we use in the kitchen. Everything listed here is a product that we use frequently. We do own every product listed here and stand behind them. Disclaimer: the links on the page are Amazon affiliate links, so we will receive a small fee if you do buy something, but hey why not help support this site and get a great product at the same time ūüôā

 Vitamix 5200 Series Blender

We bought our Vitamix blender back in 2012 and it has been one of the best kitchen purchases we ever made and probably one of the most used.

We use this nearly every day to make healthy blended drinks. Although you may look at the initial sticker price thing ‚Äúholy cow, that‚Äôs expensive‚ÄĚ as I did when my friend first recommended one, this truly is a case of you get what you pay for, like I mentioned we use this nearly seven days a week.


It’s great because:

  • It‚Äôs insanely durable
  • Super easy to clean (a must)
  • Powerful ‚Äď this will blend even the toughest of items into a smooth tasty drink.

We primarily use the Vitamix to make green smoothies, having previously owned a Juicer, I can definitely say a Vitamix is the better way to go.  Juicers are difficult to clean and you lose all of the pulp, with a Vitamix you throw everything in and blend it up and simply wash the container under the tap, easy.

ProTip: Vitamix also offer a certified reconditioned¬†program, which can allow you to get a blender¬†at a substantial discount. ¬†The refurbished models come with a 5-year warranty, I know a lot of people wouldn’t think about going this route and would only buy a new item, but our Vitamix was a refurbished model and it’s been great. To learn more about the Vitamix refurbished program, go to the Vitamix website.

Cuisinart CSB-79 Immersion Hand Blender with Attachments

We’ve had this hand blender for a few years now and it is a vital part of our cooking routine. ¬†It’s great for making things like Cauliflower mash (a potato replacement) and soups. ¬†We got the blender with the attachments, the chopper is great for finely pureeing onions to add to meat, or just for chopping smaller vegetables in general. ¬†Again, like the Vitamix, it’s super easy to clean, which is a must if something will be used multiple times in our kitchen.

Slow Cookers

We bought our first slow cooker years ago. Today, we are the proud owner of two slow cookers and would not mind another one actually. They had served us well and in terms of ROI without doubt the best kitchen tool we have. These have saved us countless times from wasting money eating out, if you are heading home, you’re tired and hungry, eating out sounds great compared to thinking about what you have to cook, however just knowing as you walk through the door you will smell the tasty aroma of some grub thats been cooking all day and not have to think, just eat is a big bonus. Just set it and forget it!


Steamer with Lid

One of our recent additions is a new universal steamer with lid. It was a great buy because it increased our love for steamed broccoli, cauliflower and many other vegetables. It takes about 10 minutes to steam these vegetables and during that time I can also have two soft boiled eggs in the pot below or grill up a burger patty for lunch. It is really a wonderful quick post work out meal.



Norpro 120 Grip-EZ Julienne Slicer

When we went paleo, I felt lost because noodles are irreplaceable. One day, we discovered how to substitute noodles with Zucchini noodles that are thinly sliced from this little tool. Since then, I had used this tool to make countless dishes by getting thinly sliced vegetables that is easy to use and easy to clean!

Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Another way to make noodles with zucchini. Since then, I had used this tool to make countless dishes by getting perfectly formed noodles into dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese and Spaghetti Carbonara! Try it out!

Bonavita 1.0L Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Living in the Seattle area, one things both Wee Lee and I cannot live without is coffee. This kettle is perfect to use with either an Aeropress or Chemex where you need to be able to pour the hot water with a certain amount of control and accuracy, thanks to the Gooseneck spout, a must have for any Aeropress/Chemex coffee drinker.

Chemex CM-1C 3-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker

If you are wanting to take your coffee experience to the next level, I highly recommend this Chemex coffeemaker. ¬†Basically it comes with high quality filter paper and produces probably the “cleanest” cup of coffee you can drink, definitely not as full bodied as something that you would make in an Aeropress or espresso, but it’s fun to take the same coffee beans and try them across several different brewing methods to see just how different each cup of coffee tastes.


This particular device is something that we use every weekday morning in our morning coffee ritual, along with the Bonavita Kettle.

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Another coffee making device, if you are an espresso fan I would definitely recommend trying this out.  This is our weekend coffee making tool, we like to use the Chemex during the week, but the Aeropress makes a fuller bodied coffee.  For the price, definitely one of the top items you can buy to step your coffee game up to the next level.

Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Another item that we use multiple times a week, definitely not something for you if you don’t enjoy a bit of elbow grease in the morning to work the hand powered handle to grind your beans. ¬†Personally I don’t mind the effort, there is always that bit of extra satisfaction to putting a bit more work in vs. pressing a button on an electric grinder. ¬†So far we have been very happy with our grinder and have had no issues, even with the amount of use we direct at it.

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