Who are we

We are Wee Lee and Mark, two food and fitness fans living in the Pacific North West, just outside of Seattle, WA. Over the years we have grown both in terms of our levels of fitness and the types of food we eat and really wanted a place we could capture all of the different experiences we have in life.

grubandgrunts.com is a place where we can share our “grub” experiences which consists of recipes, food, drinks etc. and also our love of fitness, which includes crossfit, rock climbing, hiking and mountaineering. That’s the “grunt” part.

Mark and Wee Lee at the Trient Hut, Switzerland

Wee Lee and Mark at the Trient Hut, Switzerland

We hope this can be a place where you can get some ideas for healthy food and for trying new ideas and experiences. We will try to post regularly and we also will keep a monthly update on the progress of the site in terms of how we built it, the amount of traffic and revenue we are producing, which is hopefully useful information to some people out there.


Wee Lee & Mark.

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